Lens Cleaner Spray

Spotless Lens Cleaner safely and quickly cleans all lenses, You can use on eyeglasses, cell phones, laptop screens, cameras, and more! Safe for cleaning eyewear with Anti-Glare coating; Simply spray on the lenses or a cleaning cloth and gently wipe the lens surface and watch fingerprints, smudges, dirt and oils vanish!

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Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

For best results cleaning your lenses or screens, we recommend using microfiber cleaning cloth from “Cleaning Cloth Direct”

With millions of fibers, microfiber lifts and holds dirt, grease, grime, liquids and bacteria. These fibers include both positive-charged polyester fibers and negative-charged nylon fibers that actually attract and pull up whatever is on the surface you’re cleaning.

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Why Spotless Lens Cleaner?

  • Biodegradable Formula
  • Advanced formula offers improved cleaning power on all lenses
  • Made in USA

Wholesale Order

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